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We offer a range of business planning services from the facilitation of strategic and business planning sessions at board and management levels to the full design and roll out of business planning implementation processes appropriate for your organisation.


Our clients have found that with our facilitation support they were able to think more effectively, and produce better strategic outcomes with a greater level of participation and commitment.


With a range of styles and approaches to business planning facilitation, we help you choose an approach most suited for your situation.



Implementing your Strategy

Strategies often fail due to poor implementation.
Success depends not only on the design of a strategy and top level plan but largely on the way in which it is implemented. Ensuring the effective implementation of existing strategies is one of the greatest ways of improving performance.

You can benefit from our experience in designing and embedding implementation processes right across large and medium sized organisations.
We have an affiliation with Corpalign, the provider of a comprehensive planning implementation software.


If you want to give your strategy a better chance to succeed and reduce the risk of poor implementation, talk to us.



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