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Conflict Coaching is a way of supporting a manager or individual address an existing workplace conflict.

Skilled conflict resolution coaching enables a deeper exploration of the issue and the development of practical strategies to implement.

The result is that the immediate situation is addressed and there is invaluable hands on learning for preventing and better managing conflict in the future.



Our conflict coaching provides the opportunity to:

  • explore new approaches to handling conflict and building relationship
    respond rather than react
  • develop insight into your own conflict handling style and possible contribution to unproductive interactions.
  • conduct conscious conversations that bring issues out in the open in a constructive way
  • learn how to detect and respond to the early signs of conflict 



How we work with you

We establish what you want to achieve and agree the appropriate number of coaching sessions.


  • The sessions include:
  • preparing to address a specific issue with another person or a team
    building self awareness
  • developing and practising skills to enable you to take control and ensure that you have authentic and conscious conversations.
Conflict Coaching can occur face to face or over the phone



"A conscious conversation in one where you consciously take control of how the conversation happens – thus creating optimal conditions which will support issues being expressed constructively and solutions arising which meet everyone’s needs as best as possible."

Shoshana Faire



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