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We support individuals and organisations to prevent and to resolve interpersonal conflicts in the workplace. We provide Conflict Resolution Skills Programs, Conflict Coaching and direct support to address team conflicts.

We all encounter conflict at times in our lives - it is an inevitable part of life.
Conflicts can be the source of division, resentment and hurt or they can be the source of creative solutions and the building of trust in relationships. The key ingredient is how we approach it and how we communicate our differences.


In organisations, poorly managed conflict is not only a source of personal distress it is also a major contributor to low morale and loss of productivity.


Our Director, Shoshana Faire, is co author of the best selling Australian book on Conflict Resolution: ‘Everyone Can Win -  Responding to Conflict Constructively’. Shoshana is one of the pioneers in the field of conflict resolution in Australia. Her book is required reading on several tertiary education courses.


Shoshana was one of the co founders of the Conflict Resolution Network which was started in 1986. See link Conflict Resolution Network


  • We work directly with managers, teams and individuals to help them resolve existing conflicts.
  • We facilitate the development of awareness, skills and strategies to constructively address or prevent conflicts in the future



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