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We provide a comprehensive design and facilitation service for business planning, team development and meeting facilitation skills development.


Despite the advent of the electronic age, meetings and face to face forums are still a core part of business today. They are the place for connection, alignment, creativity and commitment.


You benefit from our 20 years experience when you get our support to help you design and facilitate your special meetings.



Our facilitation services can support you in situations when:

  • participation and “buy in” are important
  • the leader wants to be free to openly participate
  • you want others to openly participate
  • the dynamics are likely to be highly vigorous, emotionally charged or contentious
  • there are difficult conversations that need to happen
  • there is a big range in the authority and status of the participants
  • a different process is required to bring some innovative thinking and freshness



How we work with you

Understanding what you want to accomplish, and then working with you to get there, is the key to our success.


  • Initial consultation
    We partner with you to clearly define the goals for your event and clarify who are the key stakeholders. We then explore different options and approaches so that we are clear on what you would like and would not like to have happen. We provide you with a wide range of possibilities to choose from
  • Our proposal
    We will provide you with clarity on how we will work together to achieve your required goals. Each step of the process and the deliverables will be outlined.
  • Pre work activities
    At times these may be required to enhance the process. This may involve a pre-event questionnaire, conducting interviews, or utilising an instrument like a 360 degree survey or pre-event questionnaire.
  • Facilitation
    We will facilitate in partnership with you during the event, exchanging feedback, checking the pace, adjusting as required to make best use of the time.
  • Documentation
    Documentation, as agreed in stage one, is produced to match your business and communication needs.
  • Debrief
    A post event debrief to consolidate learning and conclude the assignment.



Every event is important and unique, requiring different sensitivities and approaches



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