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Transformational Leadership Development



Powerful new possibilities occur when leaders perceive themselves and their world through different eyes.

Our transformational leadership development programs supports leaders to make profound personal and organisational shifts.

Strengthen your leadership capability, build a culture that supports high performance, ease and conscious interactions.

Using the work of some of the world’s current leading thinkers on adult development and combining it with our own experience and facilitative personal insight approach, we support people in leadership positions to embrace their next stage of development.



Benefits include:

  • more capacity and choice in thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • being able to handle more complex situations with less stress
  • maintaining and fostering healthy business relationships
  • ability to take a more systemic approach that can bring about more sustainable organisational change
  • a deeper authenticity in your leadership and interactions with others
  • having greater appreciation for the richness of life with all its joys, surprises, sorrows and ambiguities



Our method of delivery includes:

  • one on one coaching/mentoring,
  • group coaching,
  • group skill development
  • facilitated work sessions



We are accredited in the use of 'The Leadership Circle' 360 profile technology, Susan Cook-Greuter's maturity framework, and DiSC behavioural styles. These tools are used to support our participant’s development when required.





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