Professional Facilitators International

Our Story



Professional Facilitators International is an Australian based company. It was originally started operating as The Professional Facilitators in 1992 and became Professional Facilitators International in 1997.


We have worked with over 200 organisations in Australia and South East Asia, covering a wide range of cultures in both the private sector (multinationals, nationals companies) and the public sector (commonwealth, state and local). We have the experience to assist you achieve your corporate goals.
We also work with community groups and international peace building organisations.

Our Directors are Alan Bassal and Shoshana Faire.
We are based in Sydney and have a network of consultants and facilitators across Australia.


We believe that in any workplace, government, corporate, large or small business, Boards, committees or community groups, it is important to create the conditions in which people will contribute their best.


We are passionate about supporting people to work together more productively with openness, authenticity and aliveness. We provide and empower our clients with the processes, skills and structures to enable conversations and interactions that produce optimal creativity, outcomes and results.


We are committed to support leaders and individuals to be their best and to have the courage and skills to have authentic ‘Conscious Conversations’.


Through our extensive experience we offer you the variety of skills and services we believe will facilitate this happening for you and your organization



What do we offer you?

  • Professional Facilitation for your planning sessions, special meetings and team development.
  • Coaching – Leadership Coaching. Conflict Coaching. Team Coaching
  • Transformational Leadership Development for your Executive Teams
  • Skills Development Programs
  • Conflict Resolution expertise and mediation to resolve issues in times of conflict.
  • Consulting Support and Strategy Development for change management initiatives


Our commitment to you

  • To ensure you are completely satisfied with our services and we will continue to work with you until that is achieved.
  • To always be respectful of your people and your organisation’s mission, values and goals.
  • To treat all information about your organisation with discretion and confidentiality.


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