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Qualifications and Accreditations

  • Bachelor of Education (Honours)
  • Human Synergistics - LSI Lifestyles Inventory
  • Richard Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools
  • DiSC Personal Profile System accreditation
  • The Leadership Circle 360 Profile accreditation
  • McKinsey/GBA Facilitator Training
  • Training and Facilitation & Master Practitioner – NLP
  • Brain Based Certification, Eric Jensen
  • Group Dynamics – RMIT -John Newton Taverstock Experiential Learning Designs
  • Ontological Coaching – Alan Sieler - Newfields
  • Executive Coaching – Institute of Executive Coaches
  • Conflict Resolution ­ Professional  Skills Certificate 



Areas of Expertise

  • Facilitation and training
  • Leadership and Team development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Transformational leadership
  • Organisational Culture change
  • Change Management
  • Performance management
  • Giving and receiving feedback skills



Susan’s business background includes working at a Director level with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu where she was Senior HR Manager for Growth Solutions.   Susan has 7 years coaching experience and over 18 years experience in leadership development, performance management, change management, team building, action learning programs and project management.

She is passionate about assisting leaders and organizations in creating and cultivating innovative leadership, high performing work cultures and leading-edge people management practices.  As a facilitator she has a keen ability to support people in creating long lasting behavioural change.  She has excellent interpersonal skills, business acumen and deep insight into workplace cultures and behaviour.


Her facilitation and training methodology includes the use of Accelerated and Adult Learning Frameworks, NLP, research in relation to EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and working with values and personal meaning.  Her approach is pragmatic and inclusive.  Working in 4 continents, with McKinsey and Company in both private and public sectors, has given Susan a depth of experience in working with all levels of hierarchy and differing cultures.


Susan is a senior facilitator for Coach School WA ‘coaching coaches’ in their 18-day Coaching Diploma. With over 300 coaching hours solely doing LSI debriefs and maintaining her own private coaching practice for over 8 years, Susan is an ICF recognised coach.


As a coach, she is able to engage people, encouraging them to excel in uncertain and challenging environments.  Her coaching style is described as practical, insightful, appropriately challenging and compassionately confronting. She is willing to ask the provocative questions of her clients to bring out the key issues and then supports the development of practical action plans to address the issues; offering tools, suggestions and encouragement.

Susan is able to identify underlying values, beliefs and behaviours that do not support individuals and teams in achieving their goals and has the ability to redirect activity towards what is wanted.


In multi-cultural settings, Susan has worked independently and through interpreters in corporate multicultural contexts in Korea, Taiwan and South Africa; where she worked with both executives and frontline teams in the manufacturing, banking and mining sectors in coaching and facilitation roles. Within Australia she has done work with the ILC – (Indigenous Land Corporation) and BIMA – (Brisbane Indigenous Media Association).  Whilst working in the Education field in Canada Susan worked with multi-cultural student groups and with First Nation populations.


Originally from Canada where she worked in banking for 6 years, Susan has also worked in Education, Marketing and Sales and owned several small businesses (4-10 team-members) in event management, retail and education.


Some examples of Susan’s work are

  • Delivery of transformational change program for McKinsy and co in Australia, Korea, Taiwan and South Africa over several years
  • Delivery of ‘Working with People’ program for CSIRO
  • Delivery of ‘Giving and Receiving’ feedback skills program
  • Coaching of senior leaders for numerous private  and public sector organisations



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